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  • Oh, yay! You uploaded the "Eilert Erdoten" page. I was waiting for this. I was actually taught the basics by my friend who had learned it long ago, and then we began to speak it to each other in order to practice. Would I be able to help with formatting if possible? ^_^

    Also, it wouldn't let me post a comment on the page. :(

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    • Ooops, sorry, I never got a notification about this. Google tossed it in my promotional updates box haha

      You can sure mess with the formatting if you want. Just be sure not to change any of the writing as it was taken from another site before it went down. Not sure why it doesn't allow commenting, though...

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  • Hello, I'm a member of FANDOM's Community Support team. We're excited to have The Dalimond Archives Wiki as part of the FANDOM community!

    It may seem like there’s a lot to do, but we’re here to help make getting started quick and easy. Here are some helpful tips and links to get your community going:

    Have fun!

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