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Gender: Agender (they/them)
Race: Dragon
Age: Youngish (late Winter, 58 BR)

Occupation: Freelance adventurer and crafter, resident Cheerier Loaf
Alignment: Helian
Status: Alive

Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Spouse: None
Sibling(s): Unknown
Child(ren): None

Physical AppearanceEdit

A dark scaled and plated dragon, with non-vibrant teal stripes going alongside their body, and piercing blue eyes. A bit on the shorter side, but not extremely so. Expressive earfins and back fins. A matte, light grey to white for the claws and teeth. Black tongue and inside of mouth.


A kind soul that still accepts no horrible behavior. A warrior as much as a scholar. Probably short on very bad days, but is trying their best and loves their friends very much.

Likes & Dislikes



-new trismus/skalkaar, the desert, Aradoth in general but especially the area between the desert and heart



-learning new things



-angry mean people

-the blight

-being alone

Strengths & Weaknesses



-a bright outlook of things


-can be naive

-can be gullible

-trusts people too much


Syl was born cca 58 BR (probably the actual year tbh but is wip so), in a clutch of only one (themself), which had been abandoned by its parents. ..Or at least, so it seemed. Both of them died not long after their mother laid their egg.

By some uncertainty surviving the harshness of being alone, they cried and crawled to the nearest town, which happened to be Dalimond. There, they were instructed to follow through a portal, with another dragon following them, and escorting them through New Trismus and then, Skalkaar. They remember none of this, and spend their first few years living solely on Skalkaar, making friends with the hatchlings there, and being taken care of by the elders.

After a while, they finally become old enough to start training, and they do become interested in it. Another few months and then they undertake the trials of skalkaar, opting, then, to head on to New Trismus. They would still go back and forth between the two towns, but would train in both.

In about 49 BR, the hatchling finds a cave in Skalkaar and the sleep actually takes them over. The elders knew such a thing occurred often, at least in dragons, so they were cared for in their rest.

When they awaken in the years closer to the present, long after the Ritual, they find Skalkaar and New Trismus have both changed. Once again meeting their former friends on Skalkaar, they take on to helping people fight the invasion and keep the new town safe. Once enough has been done and Urgat and his superior are defeated, they decide enough is enough, and that the fight must be taken to the Aegis.


Ongoing StoryEdit

Syl is currently training to become as strong as they can become. Timeline-wise this would be present day, but as time passes everywhere so too does it pass for Syl. ..So eventually they'll be a big ancient that can actually help people. That's their goal.