"For you only is it too late to make amends for the pain you have caused my beloved sister."

- Waterwing to the Shadow Dragon
Waterwing Spiritstream is an ancient dragoness, descendant of a rare family of dragons in Istaria, and is the ruler of a vast kingdom with many loyal followers.
xWaterwingx Spiritstream

( wôdər-wiNG-'spirit-strēm )

( wa-ter-weeng spear-it-streem )
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100 DRAG / 61 DCRA / 22 DLSH / 0 DCRS

Gender: Female
Race: Elemental Dragon
Age: 533 y/o

Occupation: Lunus Queen
Alignment: Lawful Good
Status: Alive

Mother: Miyuka Imperial (adoptive)
Father: Levitus (adoptive)
Spouse: Svaknir (between 72 and 108 years), Veshk (current)
Sibling(s): Emuka, Xheilious (adoptive), Vervanda Strongclaw, Misty, Ashanti (step), soson, GoldBright
Child(ren): Darquesse, CajunFury, Demonicserpent Nessa, scarf, buall

Physical AppearanceEdit

Waterwing is a silver dragoness with blue thin stripes lining her body, pink chest scales, and large wings that are attached until 25% of her tail length. She bears six great horns attached to her skull with webbing between them and great frills that shoot down her back.


Very wise and respected. She will not take 'no' for an answer when she is determined. Do not underestimate her or her connections. Mess with her kin or followers and she will make sure to have your head within the next hour. She is generally very kind-hearted unless her following is threatened.

Likes & Dislikes

  • Likes - Hatchlings, Family, Friends, Food, Warmth, Water, Tall Grass, Golems, Treants, Lava Baths
  • Dislikes - Withered Aegis, Threats, Annoying bipeds, annoying Lunus dragons, traitors

Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Not many things can take her down, but Blight is one of her greatest weaknesses. Bloodmage magics can also weaken her to a strong degree.



Born through a concoction of fire, ice and embryonic fluid, she had been originally abandoned by her parents as they had been attacked as soon as the egg had been settled. Pressured to live on her own after hatching, she learned to grow a hard outer shell to the harsh reality of life. Her independence and quick thinking made her out to become a natural queen.

Ongoing StoryEdit

Waterwing remains queen of the winter hemispheres and a Lunus supporter of Nyesa's teachings.


  • Her favorite color is pastel blue, and her least favorite is orange.
  • She loves to swim.
  • She favors lounging over working, and writing over fighting.
  • Her voice actor would be Rebecca Ford (Lotus from Warframe)
  • Waterwing ascended and became an Adult on August 26th, 2012, and to Ancient on December 6th, 2012.
  • Waterwing was created on July 19th, 2012.
  • Waterwing's zodiac is Cancer.
  • She is bisexual.
  • Nicknamed "Water" by close companions.
  • She likes to collect different kinds of water from the world.
  • She does not like the thought of pets.